Media and Presentation Training

Media and Presentation Training

To err is human, but to err on live TV, or when you're giving a speech, really isn’t much fun. Christina learnt this the hard way, and can make sure you don’t. She has been on the Today programme, Newsnight and The One Show and is a regular guest on The Jeremy Vine Show and Sky News.

In her interviews for newspapers, she has used soft tactics to get politicians and “celebs” to open up. She can show you how she does it, and make sure that when you face the media – or your board, or your shareholders, or a committee – you give as good as you get.

She’ll teach you the skills and techniques to give strong interviews, respond to hostile questions and give memorable sound bites. But too much media training focuses only on defence. If you want to speak (or write) with impact, you need to sound like a human. She’ll help you ditch the jargon, and your nerves, and speak in your own clear, true voice.

Christina offers bespoke training courses for small teams and individual coaching for leaders and senior executives. She also helps people with presentations and “executive presence”. Yes, it’s a thing and you’ll know if you haven’t got it.

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“Christina provides invaluable strategic counsel... The crucial element for me personally has been the brutal honesty with which she prepares an individual for media engagement. You are left in no doubt your performance has been made stronger because of her professional challenge.”


Lawrence Christensen Group Marketing Director Benenden

"Christina brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to media training sessions, providing multinational clients with a highly professional and wonderfully authentic learning and development experience. International School of Communication (ISOC) values Christina's credibility and exceptional track record - her profile appeals greatly to our top management clientele (C-suit leaders and decision makers). Christina is a pleasure to work with, and continually receives rave reviews from clients."

Rolien Van Heerden Head of Training International School of Communication

" I have felt privileged to have Christina working as journalist-in-residence with my team at the University of Surrey. She has  helped academics engage positively with the media. Christina has also made a significant contribution in helping the team to develop more accessible and engaging writing strategies, generously sharing her expertise as an experienced journalist and writer."

Ann Gallagher Professor of Ethics and Care