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What do you do when life goes wrong? Watch this film, or read more here, to find out more.



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"No man but a blockhead," wrote the great Samuel Johnson, "ever wrote except for money." Hear, hear!


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Christina has been on programmes ranging from Newsnight to The One Show, and is a regular guest on Sky News.



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Most stories now are stories of change. Do you know what your story is? And do your reports and publications pack a punch?



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Christina is always thrilled to get away from her computer, and is as happy to be a keynote speaker as a conference chair.


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To err is human, but to err on live TV isn’t much fun. Christina learnt this the hard way and can make sure you don't.

Brexit Blog


Coronavirus blues

This must be what war is like, when the world suddenly flips into something so alien that your mind does somersaults all the time, trying to catch up. At night, you sleep and wake and sleep again, and every time you wake you think this can’t be happening in this country, this can’t be true. And then you wake, as daylight finally streams through the curtains, and you switch on the news and you realise, with yet another punch to your stomach, that it is.


Happy Brexit day? Enjoy your spotted dick

Friendships turned sour. Relationships turned sour. Our country turned sour, and still is. The Labour Party, which had elected as its leader a man who seemed to want to turn the country into Venezuela, decided to copy the country and tear itself apart. Racism? We can do that! Division? Bring it on. Xenophobia and protectionism from a bunch of bullying old dinosaurs? My name’s Len. How can I help?