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Christina writes mostly for The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Daily Mail. She was at The Independent for 10 years, where she wrote a column twice a week and did “The Christina Patterson interview”. She has also written for The Observer, Time, The Spectator, New Statesman, the TLS, Literary Review, High Life, Intelligent Life and HuffPost. She will only write if she is properly paid.



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A fiercely independent thinker, Christina writes in a clear, distinctive voice.



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You have to start by building up a rapport. And you have to do your research, of course.


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Christina is a regular reviewer of fiction and non-fiction for The Sunday Times.



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Famous people are all very well. Famous people are sometimes even interesting.



Nursing and the NHS

When she was recovering from a big operation, Christina made a vow.



North, south, east, west

Christina has written about eating cakes in Vienna, but also the beauty of Syria and Iran.

Irregular Blog


Washing up with Obama at the end of the year

I have never enjoyed washing up so much. I was riveted. I was transfixed. I was not transfixed by the soapy suds sliding off the plates, though I’m sure a poet, or a fan of mindfulness, might be. I was transfixed by the voice, and words, of one of my favourite people in the world. I was transfixed, in fact, by the calm, melodious voice of Barack Obama.


May’s mandate for a masochistic Brexit

“The country,” said Theresa May on the steps of Downing Street last week, “is coming together, but Westminster is not.” She was saying that this was the reason she had decided to have an election. She said it with such authority that you would almost think she hadn’t got it the wrong way round.