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Christina writes mostly for The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Daily Mail. She was at The Independent for 10 years, where she wrote a column twice a week and did “The Christina Patterson interview”. She has also written for The Observer, Time, The Spectator, New Statesman, the TLS, Literary Review, High Life, Intelligent Life and HuffPost. She will only write if she is properly paid.



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A fiercely independent thinker, Christina writes in a clear, distinctive voice.



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You have to start by building up a rapport. And you have to do your research, of course.


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Christina is a regular reviewer of fiction and non-fiction for The Sunday Times.



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Famous people are all very well. Famous people are sometimes even interesting.



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When she was recovering from a big operation, Christina made a vow.



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Christina has written about eating cakes in Vienna, but also the beauty of Syria and Iran.

Brexit Blog


Pour yourself a nice big glass. You’ll need it.

If Northern, male, working-class voters are the path to the 10 years plus he wants, then sure, he’ll throw whatever cash at them he can. He’ll do whatever it takes. He’ll abolish the BBC and Foxify the United Kingdom, or whatever’s left of it once Ireland has been reunited and Scotland has voted for independence. He’ll castrate, or at least politicise, the courts. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.


Get ready for the fight of your life

Optimistic. Positive. Bring the country together. No more dither and delay. These were the words of the Health Secretary this morning, discussing the looming election, the first in December for nearly 100 years. When I say these were his words, what I mean, of course, is that these were the words that came out of […]

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Like a drunk with a kitchen knife

Like a drunk with a kitchen knife. That was one response to the text sent to The Spectator last night. The person who sent the text likes to be known as “Downing Street”, or sometimes “No 10”. He likes to have a code name, like a James Bond villain. In fact, the text was very […]