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Famous people are all very well. Famous people are sometimes even interesting, but famous people are used to being interviewed. Christina thinks it can be more interesting to talk to people who aren’t used to talking to a journalist. She has, over the years, written thousands of columns about “issues”, and done hundreds of interviews with very famous people, but she also likes taking an issue – like teenage parenthood or intergenerational unemployment - and giving it a human face. In The Sunday Times magazine, for example, she has written about women who don’t have children, and started off by talking very personally herself. After an angry email from a male reader, she was invited to do a follow-up about childless men. In both cases, she was touched by the way her subjects opened up. In her features, she aims to combine analysis with personal stories and feeling in ways that make people think.


You can download a pdf of this article from The Sunday Times magazine here. The photographer, by the way, wouldn’t let Christina smile.

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