Helping ambitious people make more of their time and talent

As a journalist, Christina has interviewed some of the most talented people on the planet: Nobel laureates, rock stars, artists, scientists and politicians. As a coach, she believes we all have the potential to hone our skills, develop new ones and excel at work we find fulfilling. Her approach combines intellectual rigour with an energetic realism laced with warmth and wit.

Coaching is a creative partnership. It’s a process that inspires people to make the professional and personal changes they want to make. It’s not therapy. It’s not mentoring. It’s not advice.

Christina can help you understand more about what’s stopping you from fulfilling your potential and making the most of your time and talent.

As your coach, she will ask you powerful questions, act as a sounding board and challenge your blind spots. She’ll encourage you to think deeply and find fresh perspectives, but you’ll focus on the future, not the past. Coaching is about moving forward. We can all talk for ever about our problems, but meanwhile the clock is ticking, the world is burning and life can pass us by.

Her coaching style is a mix of empathy, warmth and gentle (sometimes sparky) challenge. One of her former bosses once took a bite of a tangerine and said: “mm, sweet with a tang, like Christina!” That’s about right. Do you want to change or do you not want to change? In the end, it’s up to you.

Christina is suspicious of those company websites that list their values. So many sound like a mix of Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela. But here are some of the things that matter to her: beauty, truth, integrity, creativity, courage, curiosity, contribution to society, laughter, coffee, cake, art, books, wine and crisps.

If you want to make changes in your life and work, you need to know what matters to you. If you don’t, she’ll help you find out.

Christina is an Associate Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation and upholds their code of ethics. You can read more about it here. She also has a certificate in systemic team coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching and in group coaching from Quantum Leap.

She is comfortable working with professionals, executives and teams at the highest levels and with those who are moving into leadership for the first time. She chooses to work with bright, thoughtful, ambitious people who want to have an impact in the world. She'll challenge you to think hard and dig deep, but also encourage you to listen to your heart.

Find out more about Christina's coaching here. You can book a free 30-minute consultation with Christina here.

People Say:

Christina is an impactful coach who has changed my approach, encouraging a more optimistic and positive mindset. Her coaching style, defined by a great sense of humour, punchiness, and a touch of cheekiness, is genuinely inspiring and makes every session very enjoyable. I highly recommend working with Christina to anyone seeking transformative and uplifting coaching experiences.

Antonia Whitecourt Director Seedcamp (Venture Capital fund)

I wasn't seeking just any coach. I wanted someone who was sensitive yet strong, intelligent but deep, compassionate yet practical, intuitive yet able to exercise strong reason, soulful and creative with a warm heart. Did I find such a coach? Yes: Christina Patterson. With her deeply perceptive eye, sharp, erudite mind, intuitive sensitivity and mind-blowing capacity to articulate what had remained inchoate within me, she birthed transformation by offering remarkable insights. She can read the energy of your body and truly listens. By working with Christina, you will gain deeper insights into yourself.

Marsha Knight Financial Controller, Investment Management

I worked with Christina over a six month period while I was part of Zinc VC's venture building programme. Our coaching work together has been an incredibly impactful part of my entrepreneurial journey and provided a space for introspection, clarity and getting to the core of some big questions and decisions. I particularly valued Christina's skill in framing challenging questions and holding space for me to explore some big topics. I left every one of our sessions with a clear nugget of insight and an action / next step for myself. I would absolutely recommend Christina as a coach to others.

Kate Hyslop, Marketing Lead and VC founder

Christina brings a wealth of life and work experience to her coaching skill set which I particularly valued. In our six sessions, she helped me think differently about some current issues going on in my life, which supported me in making some key decisions and most importantly enacting these. I also really enjoyed her sense of humour. I can really recommend her as a coach.

Kate Adams, GP and Clinical Lead, Urgent Care

I had reached the top of my profession; I had been in the same sector for over 20 years and was looking for a new challenge. I'd read Christina's book The Art of Not Falling Apart. I found it so inspiring that I contacted her, she became my coach and the rest is my empowering new history. I have now embarked on a completely different new career trajectory, through Christina's wise, thoughtful and empowering coaching. Christina has been a literal life changer.

Heather S Professor of Media and Politics

Christina was utterly refreshing as a coach, direct and challenging yet compassionate and insightful. Her humour throughout the coaching was also really welcome. Christina was able to slow me down from racing thoughts to a more considered and well contained internal voice. She navigated me though some difficult decisions, I never felt judged but utterly championed throughout our sessions. As a trained coach and counsellor myself, and someone who has used coaching before, I would highly recommend Christina and be continually grateful for the insights I gained whilst working with her.

Sheona Alexander Counselling and Mental Health Manager

I spent my previous years being both a mentor and mentee, and it’s always something I advocate for. Last year I decided to explore having a coach and was lucky enough to have worked with Christina Patterson. Since 2021, I've been navigating life post-academia and a word that perfectly describes my experience so far is ‘transitions.’ Christina has been instrumental in providing me with the necessary support to allow me to find clarity in moments of uncertainty, with her enthusiasm, kindness and thoughtful nature.

If anyone is looking for a coach, I’d highly recommend her. She does team and group work, individual coaching and organisational coaching.

Dr Michelle Ulor Music Psychologist, Corporate DJ, Startup Advisor