Gorgeous writer’s bolthole on a Tuscan hill

We all need a break. We all need sunshine. It also helps to have access to a swimming pool, lovely food and a view.

Christina was born in Rome, but dragged away to suburban Surrey at the age of nine months. In 2007, she cracked. On a slightly mad impulse, and while struggling to pay the mortgage on her London flat, she made an offer on a tiny apartment in a medieval watchtower in Tuscany she hadn’t even seen. Her entirely spurious rationale was that it apparently costs £250,000 to bring up a child in London, and this was like buying a child’s leg.

She goes there to dream, lie in the sunshine, sip Vermentino and write. You can read more about this in her book, The Art of Not Falling Apart. If you would like to go to the place where she wrote most of it, and help her pay the mortgage, you can find out more here:

She has, of course, become that cliché, a writer who “divides her time between London and Tuscany”, but she didn’t think of that until it was too late.