TV and Radio

Christina is a regular commentator on radio and TV news and cultural programmes. She has been on Newsnight, Channel 4 news, BBC news, BBC 1’s Sunday Morning Live, Al Jazeera, ITV’s Tonight and Sky and was a regular guest on The Review Show before it ended. She's a regular guest on the Sky News press preview, Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show and the BBC World Service, and an occasional contributor to Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 3’s Night Waves and BBC1's Sunday Morning Live. She has contributed to TV documentaries in France and Sweden, made programmes for Radio 4, and a short film for The One Show, and plans to make more.

Her “Four Thought”, for Radio 4, “Care to be a Nurse?”, is now used as a training tool for nurses, and was praised by The Spectator for its “breathtaking frankness”. You can read the review and you can listen to the programme.

You can listen to her “Four Thought”, for Radio 4, “Care to be a Nurse?

You can listen to her documentary for Radio 4, also called, confusingly, “Care to be a Nurse?

You can listen to her essay on ‘The Skin’, for a Radio 3 series of essays on the organs of the body.