Christina is always thrilled to get away from her computer. She has introduced and chaired hundreds of literary events, at the Southbank Centre, the Poetry Society and at literary festivals around the country. She’s still happy to take part in the odd literary discussion, but is more likely, these days, to be talking about issues she has brought up in her journalism. She is, for example, often invited to be a keynote speaker on issues relating to healthcare. Her speeches have been described as “touching” and “inspirational”. Which is some compensation for all those boring emails.

She has talked at seminars at the House of Commons about faith groups, multiculturalism, education and employment. She has given a speech at a fundraising event to encourage the reporting of anti-Muslim hate crimes. She has talked at the Raindance film festival about gang violence and the “respect” culture. She has taken part in panels at the Battle of Ideas on the Leveson Inquiry, and on “the crisis of compassion”, and at an Editorial Intelligence conference on the “healthy nation”. She is regularly invited to talk to nurses, doctors and NHS workers about compassion and leadership in healthcare. When she meets them, they’re always so nice she wonders how it so often goes so horribly wrong.

Christina is also happy to chair corporate events and conferences. People in the audience, unlike many of the people who respond to her work on newspaper message boards or Twitter, are usually polite.

You can watch the panel on Stop the press: the media after Leveson at the Battle of Ideas, thanks to online Citizen TV station, WORLDbytes.

Here's Christina taking part in a panel at the Cambridge Union on YouTube.

Here’s Christina taking part in a panel at the Battle of Ideas on 'Does doctor still know best’?

Here's Christina talking about her adolescent experiences as a born-again Christian, and about what she has learnt about religion, here. Basically, it all started with wanting to meet boys.

People say:

Christina's keynote speech at the Chief Nurse of Wales's annual conference was spellbinding. It takes great courage to speak to 300 nurses and midwives about the failings in their care but she did that with such honesty, wit and sensitivity. The feedback from the delegates was that she was touching, tender, inspiring, articulate, intelligent and brave.Polly Ferguson, Nursing Officer for Maternity Services and Early Years, Wales
Christina gave the keynote speech at our annual conference, held in Edinburgh, to an audience of over 400. It was a tremendously poignant,moving, passionate speech centred around Christina's own health and healthcare experiences, which captivated and moved us all.Giles Webster, Chief Financial Officer, Benenden
Christina Patterson is an eloquent and sensitive speaker and writer who has a passion for people. At the core of her, beats the passion and heart of someone who understands people, their nuances, their differences and most of all, their emotions. She moves with her unique speaking style.Fiyaz Mughal OBE – Founder and Director, Faith Matters
Christina has been a very engaging and elegant host of our intimate salon suppers, bringing a great mix of insight and opinion alongside sophisticated chairing of discussion.  In addition, as a speaker at one of our conferences, she imparted knowledge and experience in an accessible way, appreciated by our diverse audience.Emma Fisher, Managing Director, Editorial Intelligence
You were brilliant. Many people commented on how good your speech was. Donna Green, Chief Operating Officer, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
I have heard nothing but praise for the way in which you got such a disparate bunch of varying backgrounds, intellect and capacity for self-reflection to think seriously about what they do and how they do it. It was such an inspiring session and inspiration is a rare quality in the current REF obsessed climate in University land. Carl Thompson, Professor, Department of Health Sciences, University of York
We keep asking Christina Patterson to speak at Institute of Ideas events because we know she will be not only be intelligent and articulate, but bring a different, nuanced and thoughtful approach to a wide range of issues.  Christina is passionate about a range of topics, and has a real warmth and empathy with audiences of widely diverse backgrounds.  Book her now if you want a speaker who will make an impact and make your audiences think and smile.Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas
It was standing room only in the Council Chamber to hear Christina speak. People have been buzzing all week and spreading a kind of 'viral fun', picking up on the mood Christina set. One line manager even went out and bought some (non-alcoholic!) cava and dips for her team after the story Christina told. It was such an inspiring, simple, cost-free message and if everyone did just one little thing each day, the work place would be a much nicer place to be in.Carmel Millar, Director of People & Development, East Sussex and Surrey County Councils